That Penny’s Worth How Much?

1909 Penny

What is the lowest value coin you would be willing to pick up if you saw it lying on the sidewalk or in a parking lot? A quarter, a dime, a nickel? Would you bend over to pick up a penny? What if you accidentally threw it away? Would you dig through the trash for […]

Childhood Trading Cards Could be Worth Pokémon(ey)

Pokemon Card - Sold Jan 2021 (1)

Occasionally, a specific smell will take me back to childhood. The scent of an elementary school, someone grilling in the backyard, chlorine from the public pool, and the smell of a freshly opened pack of trading cards all take me back to about 12-years-old. I’m definitely not the only one feeling a sense of nostalgia […]

Is Your Car Historic, Classic, Vintage, or Antique?

1930 Cusstom Ford Model A Roadster

From Barrett Jackson to Russo Steele to the Mecum Auction taking place in Glendale this weekend, Arizona is well known for its collector car auctions. In fact, the most expensive car ever sold at auction in Arizona was a $9.9 million vintage 1937 Mercedes Benz 540 K Special Roadster sold by RM Sotheby’s in 2016. […]

Predicting 2022’s Most in Demand Auction Items

demand auction items

People love making predictions. Whether it’s who will win the Super Bowl, how the economy will perform or which politician will be victorious in the next election. It turns out, auctioneers are no exception to this rule. We enjoy predicting the future of our own industry, especially which secondary market items will be the most […]

Eight Strange Items Sold to the Highest Bidder

strange items

Human hair. Corpse tattoos. Celebrity genital castings. After being in the auction business for 15 years, there are few things people sell or buy that truly shock me. But even I raise my eyebrows at some strange items. The following seven collectibles certainly bring the ick factor. In fact, I predict they would shock the […]

Crashing Into History with Motorsports Memorabilia

Motorsports Memorabilia

In September of 1980, Gary Wells attempted to jump the fountains at Caesars Palace. He had recently jumped further distances, but, like Evel Knievel before him, the jump resulted in a devastating crash. At the beginning of November, we had the honor of auctioning off the motorcycle Wells rode and the helmet he wore during […]

Demand for These 5 Items Should Stay Strong in 2021

It’s that time of the year again for predictions. While the pandemic has some people uncertain about the future, we’re still seeing economists, fashionistas, sports commentators and other industry experts give their best guess as to what’s in store for 2021. The auction industry is no different, and watching auctions is actually a great way […]

Collecting Political Memorabilia

political memorabilia

There’s no doubt this has been an historic year for politics. Voter turnout reached an all-time high as a divided nation argued about national and local political figures, legislative action, social justice issues, and how to combat a global pandemic. It was – and still is – ugly. And, my bet is that a lot […]

Antique, Vintage, Retro – What’s the Difference?

An antique radio, a vintage radio and a retro radio go up for auction. What’s the difference between these three radios and which one is more valuable? It depends, of course, on many factors, like the condition of each radio, the manufacturer, who the radio belonged to, what the radio is made of, rarity, and […]

Auction Houses Busy Selling These Items During Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the United States, we saw empty shelves at the grocery stores as people focused on purchasing food, cleaning supplies, and other necessities for survival. As weeks went by, even after the shelter-at-home mandates were lifted, people began focusing on recreating spaces in their homes and finding new ways to […]

5 Gift Ideas for Last-Minute Shoppers

Here we are – four days before Christmas, and you still need to shop. Don’t worry…not only are we having an auction today at our Glendale auction house where you can bid live or online, I can guarantee you that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bid via eBay and other live and online auctions […]