Collecting Political Memorabilia

political memorabilia

There’s no doubt this has been an historic year for politics. Voter turnout reached an all-time high as a divided nation argued about national and local political figures, legislative action, […]

5 Gift Ideas for Last-Minute Shoppers

Here we are – four days before Christmas, and you still need to shop. Don’t worry…not only are we having an auction today at our Glendale auction house where you […]

Why Auction Reserves Can Be Tricky

Recently, I read a story about shill bidding that reinforced what I already knew: we in the auction industry need to do a better job educating consumers about how the […]

Prices Can Soar for Aviation Memorabilia

Earlier this month, we had a specialty auction on a Friday night that focused on aviation memorabilia. As expected for a niche auction like this, the crowds were smaller than […]