EJ’s Auction & Consignment Forms Partnership with Impetus Property & Auction to Sell Real Estate

EJ’s owner and auctioneer Erik Hoyer and Impetus real estate auction expert Jason Stancill say clients benefit from one-stop shop services

GLENDALE, Ariz. (January 12, 2017) – Glendale-based EJ’s Auction & Consignment recently became a minority owner in Phoenix-based Impetus Properties, LLC, dba Impetus Property & Auction, a move that will help fuel growth for both companies.

The new synergistic partnership combines the expertise of EJ’s owner and certified auctioneer, Erik Hoyer with the savvy real estate auction experience of Impetus co-founder and managing partner, Jason Stancill, and the technical innovation and operational skills of Timothy Arbolida, Impetus co-founder and designated broker.

“Joining forces with Jason, Timothy and their team made perfect sense for EJ’s as we look to expand our services,” said Erik Hoyer, EJ’s Auction & Consignment owner and auctioneer. “We have a large percentage of clients who need help selling their residential or commercial properties in addition to converting their assets to cash.”

The new partnership not only provides a one-stop shop for EJ’s consignors, it could be more cost-effective.

“Adding this service not only makes it easier for consignors, but they could potentially make more money on properties since their holding cost can be substantially reduced, considering average days on market is four to five months and Impetus campaigns typically run 30 to 45 days,” said Tim Arbolida, Impetus co-founder and designated broker.

Stancill is well-known in the auction industry, having previously served as vice president of American Auction Company. Currently the host of Money Radio’s “Millennial Money Club” and “The Auction Block,” and a former star of the TLC reality show Auctioneer$, Stancill is widely considered as one of the top authorities in the asset and real-estate disposition world.

“Our new partnership with EJ’s strengthens our reach to international bidders,” Stancill said. “Together, we’ll help consignors expose residential and commercial real estate, personal property and intellectual assets to a targeted group of buyers for each auction.”

The partnership between the two auction firms comes at a time when Baby Boomers are downsizing and selling their assets in record numbers. Hoyer and Stancill both anticipate 2017 to be a record year for sales.

EJ’s conducts three live auctions at its Glendale location, 5880 W. Bell Road, every Saturday at 10 a.m. For details, visit www.ejsauction.com or call (623) 878-2003.

Impetus conducts several residential and commercial real estate auctions each month. For details, visit www.impetusauction.com or call (602) 348-2627.



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