31.15ct ‘Blue Lagoon’ Lighting Ridge Black Opal


“Blue Lagoon”
One Free Form Shape Cabochon Cut Lightning Ridge Black Opal Weighing Approximately 31.15ct, Measuring Approximately 25.52mm Long By 23.6mm Wide By 7.78mm Deep. It Displays A Very Strong Play Of Predominantly Green And Blue Colors In A Large Chatoyant Flag Stone, (harlequin Like) Pattern From A Very Dark Background. It Faces Very Well Showing Color From All Angles Of View With Very Good Scintillation/liveliness And Overall Completeness. It Has A Smooth Very Well Polished Mostly Even Low Cabochon Surface That Is Free Of Any Foreign Inclusions. Total Integrated Quality Rating: Excellent – Very Good.
Note: Titled Blue Lagoon, This Gem Displays Wonderful Play Of Pure Green And Blue Colors. This Gem Is Produced From Traditional Lightning Ridge Nobby Rough. Total Replacement Value: $720,000.

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