Bed $50


Figurines $15


Globe $20


About Andrea’s Room:

We recently moved to a new house in May. When we moved I knew that I was going to want to redecorate my son’s room and turn it from a nursery into a “big boy room.” His new room is a much bigger space than his nursery was, and I knew we’d be starting from scratch once we got rid of all the nursery furniture.

We started with a big open space, and the first thing we did was paint the entire space which helped to brighten it up! I started quickly selling all his nursery furniture to clear out the space.

His room has a sports theme to it, specifically Oklahoma Sooner football. I didn’t want it to scream sports room when you walked in, but I wanted it to be a subtle nod to my husband’s love for this team. To accomplish this I used the school’s colors of crimson and cream. As well as wood tones and football memorabilia.

When I headed to EJs Auction I knew I wanted to find a bed for his room. Something that I could refinish and make our own. I was lucky that I’d found a bed pretty quickly at the auction that I scooped up! I paid $50 for the bed at the auction, which was pretty comparable to beds I was searching for online to refinish. I was excited to see the bed in person so I could see the shape of it and get a visual.

After I found my bed, I also knew I wanted to find some unique décor items to finish off his room. I think these small touches make the room and layer it with character. I found these Starting Line Up football figurines, and immediately thought they’d be great on a shelf as décor. I purchased them for $15. It’s so cute because my son now knows all their names and plays with them regularly. Just goes to show that they can be played with as well as be a decorative piece.

One week at auction I happened to see a globe and knew that would be a really fun addition to his room and would be educational as well for when he’s older. For $20 I purchased this globe after a bidding war with another bidder. So happy I won! Globes are very on trend in home décor right now, so it was a perfect fit. I think they are pretty timeless as well.

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Bed $50
Globe $20
Starting Lineup
Football Figurines
Buyer’s Premium $8.50
Sales Tax $8.62

Total: $102.12