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Shelf $50

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Table $75

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Floor Lamp $10

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Room Description:

This room started out as a Junk Room/Exercise Room/Play Room/Storage Room where I just threw furniture and extra things that wouldn’t fit anywhere else in our tiny house.  I was about ready to put up the crime scene tape, but EJ’s came along just in time!  

I knew I needed lots of shelves for all of the craft supplies that had been shoved in the closet of this junk room, and I really needed a table to do my creating on.  Other than that, I wanted part of the room to have an area for my girl to read in while I am creating, so we could still hang out together.  

I’m a sucker for quotes and words so I knew that had to be my inspiration, and my new color crush is a tealish light blue, grey and coral combination, so it was a partnership that was meant to happen in this room!  

Once I won my first piece of furniture – AKA, the rooster table, I knew it was going to be the centerpiece of my room, and the design inspirations started from there.  

My new craft room makes me smile when I walk in.  There’s space for me to craft, along with a place for my Cricut to sit (I used to have to pull it out of the closet each time I needed to use it) and there’s a place for everything in my supply stash, so it’s all so easy to find now.  Along with all of my supplies in my new area, there’s a corner of the room for my girl to curl up and read while I craft.  

It’s just the perfect room – in so many ways (and I have my closet back for other things now, so it’s a win-win!).  

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Go see Devin’s room



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Go see Andrea’s room



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Buffet Table/Craft Table$75
Five-Shelf White Bookcase$50
Three Cubby Black Shelf$5
Silver Floor Lamp$10
Vintage Wood Bar Stool$20
Tiny Blue Cabinet$40
Buyer’s Premium$21.75
Sales Tax$20.41

Total: $242.16