Tips for Bidding in an Online Auction

For the next few weeks, America is hunkering down at home to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Auction houses across the country, including ours, are suspending live auctions temporarily and going to online only until the threat subsides. But even before this unprecedented pandemic, eight in 10 Americans were shopping online, with 51 […]

What is it Worth? EJ’s Auction Offers New Online Instant Appraisals

Monthly Appraisal Days Continue – Next Event is December 20 GLENDALE, Ariz. (Nov. 26, 2019) – What is it worth? That’s the big question most people have when they are trying to decide whether to hold onto or sell an antique, fine art, collectibles or a family heirloom. Glendale-based EJ’s Auction & Appraisal is now offering […]

Bidders Battle Over Collectible Militaria

On May 18, our country celebrated Armed Forces Day – this is a day we come together and thank our military for their patriotic services. Under the leadership of President Harry S. Truman, the holiday was first celebrated in May 1950 to unify all the armed forces under one agency – the Department of Defense. […]

Selling Collectibles at Auction: How it Should Work

Last week was Arizona Consumer Protection Week, and we saw a lot of stories relating to fraud complaints. Unfortunately, the auction industry is not immune to unethical and sometimes criminal behavior. Here are some tips for making sure your experience with an auction house is a positive one: Research Online Reviews: Start with an internet […]

Be Aware of Price Anchor with Vintage Toy Boats

When you think of how many people here in Arizona have boats and love to relax on one of our many lakes, it’s not surprising that we often see antique and vintage toy boats and ships come through our auction house. Speed boats, sailboats, ocean liners, steam boats, battleships, pop up boats, cargo ships…people love […]

Collecting Treasures: Investing in antiques, collectibles

Buying antiques and collectibles can be an easy process when you are just looking to buy what pleases you with no regard to future value. But if you don’t know what to look for, in terms of what determines an item’s value, you may spend too much. Or worse, buy something with no monetary value. […]

Glendale’s Newest Auction House Offers Exclusive Items from Camelback Mansion on Feb. 15

Glendale’s Newest Auction House Offers Exclusive Items from Camelback Mansion on Feb. 15 Saturday auction includes nine truckloads of furniture, fine art, pool tables and more WHO: EJ’s Auction & Consignment WHAT: One of EJ’s Auction & Consignment’s first major events inside its newest Glendale location, which boasts 29,000 square feet of auction/storage space, will […]