EJ’s auction and consignment & Impetus Properties, LLC / Impetus Auction company have joined forces to create the ultimate auction selling experience.


Why Auction?

Superior Marketing & Advertising

A successful auction begins with a successful marketing and advertising strategy. Now with two of the Southwest most experienced Auction firms working together and only by attracting the most qualified buyers will spirited bidding occur. Using a variety of highly effective marketing and advertising methods, we attract enthusiastic, attentive buyers, aggressively competing to purchase your property. The end result…a higher return for you.

Uncompromised Integrity

You’ll discover that our reputation for fair, professional auctions attracts more qualified buyers. Our attention to every detail assures success of our auctions every time. Our firm prides itself on always under promising and over delivering. Maintaining the highest standard of business ethics is the cornerstone of our company.

The Value of a Relationship

We’ll work closely with you to achieve the greatest value for your assets. Throughout the process, we’ll provide you with sound recommendations, professionalism and confidentiality. Our goal is simple: to represent your interests in the best possible manner.

Results Matter & Auctions Produce Results

Savvy business people have long used the auction method of marketing for its predictability and ability to meet firm timelines. This is why auctions garner so much media attention. Auctions are featured in the news because they work so effectively. We never read news coverage of a conventional sale because traditional sales methods simply don’t produce the extraordinary results that auctions will and historically have always garnered.

EJ’s Auction and Consignment & Impetus Properties, LLC/Impetus Auction is your partner for special asset auctions and we will provide you the experience to guide you throughout the sale process. We understand the fluctuating market climates and will use forecasting techniques with time-tested strength, stability and knowledge to bring the highest results possible for your auction.

Effective Salesmanship

EJ’s Auction & Consignment & Impetus Properties, LLC auctioneers and ring people not only know value, they also understand salesmanship. Each is a proven master of “applied crowd psychology” and is able to maximize your return on assets.

Attracting a Worldwide Audience

Our international affiliates educate auction enable buyers around the world to bid on your property either online or via phone bid ensuring you the highest possible dollar recovery for your assets.



All real estate is represented by Impetus Properties,

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