Can a Painting Be Valuable If It is Not Original?

Recently, we had a consignor come into the auction house with what he thought was an original Peter Max painting. His father-in-law gave it to him, and after researching the artist, he was sure we could sell it for him at auction for at least $100,000. While original paintings by Peter Max can command several […]

3 Items Doing Well at Auction That May Surprise You

If there is one thing I have learned over the years working as a certified auctioneer, it’s that nothing will surprise me. I would tell you that I’ve seen it all, but the truth is that at some point soon, someone will walk into my auction house with some rare or unusual collectible that I […]

Recently we sold a large Russian porcelain tureen at auction that depicted a hunting scene. But upon closer examination, those in the know recognized it as valuable propaganda — a “blank,” or piece of undecorated Imperial porcelain that was decorated after the October Revolution of 1917. The white lid was sculpted in the shape of […]

Collecting Treasures: Vintage motorcycle market strong … for now

The demand for vintage motorcycles has everything to do with the age of the buyers — mostly men in their 40, 50s and 60s who are nostalgic for the motorcycles they grew up with There’s no better place to ride the open roads on a vintage bike than Arizona. That could be one reason we’ve […]

Cushman scooters still running strong as collectible

Collecting Treasures: They are a desirable collectible that could garner a pretty penny for a restored machine Recently, we sold a restored 1958 Cushman Husky scooter at auction for $2,825, which is $2,600 more than the original asking price back in 1958. Cushman began manufacturing scooters back in 1936 that were used not only for […]

Vintage VW exhausts the market

Collecting Treasures: The 50-somethings of today have the disposable income to search out VW items that remind them of their youth Just when all the news is breaking about how the Volkswagen Group cheated the system with sneaky computer programs designed to cheat emissions testing, and their stocks start to tumble … comes a vintage Volkswagen […]

3 tips to determine value of costume jewelry

If you’re like most people who are downsizing or cleaning house, and you come across a drawer of costume jewelry, your first reaction may be that it’s cheap and worthless. Not so fast! This style of vintage ornamentation, which originated in the 1920s and exploded in the 1950s, could be worth a lot of money, […]