Six Valuable Items People Mistakenly Throw Away or Donate

Six Valuable Items People Mistakenly Throw Away or Donate

Free appraisal event at EJ’s Auction & Consignment in Glendale on Friday, Nov. 21

GLENDALE (November 12, 2014) – Thinking about throwing away or donating a dated piece of costume jewelry, a dingy looking painting or out-of-style vintage table or dresser? You could be throwing away hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
“Many people give away things they deem ugly or outdated not realizing how much money they could get for the item at auction,” says Erik Hoyer of EJ’s Auction and Consignment. “If you have any question about an item’s value, have it appraised before you donate it or throw it away.”

Hoyer says these are the top six items he sees people mistakenly throw out or donate:

  1. Vintage Furniture – It might look old or outdated in the living room, but some vintage furniture can be worth a bundle at auction, especially quality designs from the 50s or 60s that are not simply reproductions.
  2. Costume Jewelry – Most costume jewelry isn’t worth much, but some pieces, like those made by Trifari can be worth more than gold or diamonds.
  3. Old Looking Art – It might look dingy, but that painting that’s been collecting dust in the garage or attic could be a lost Rembrandt someone picked up at a yard sale or passed down from generation to generation without knowing what it was. Check the painting for marks or signatures, and check the back for sales receipts or exhibition stamps. These can help an appraiser determine the provenance and value of the painting.
  4. Old Toys – Beanie babies might be out, but demand is high for old, collectible toys in good condition, especially those that are more than 40 years old.
  5. Black & White Photographs – Antique and vintage black and white photographs can be of high value. Scarcity, condition and the identity of the photographer all affect the worth of the photo.
  6. Military Items – Some military items, such as military patches, ribbons, uniforms and weapons, are in high demand and may sell for a high price at auction.

Curious about the value of something you own? Attend the free “Antiques-On-The-Go Show” appraisal event at EJ’s Auction & Consignment on Friday, Nov. 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EJ’s Auction & Consignment is located at 5880 W. Bell Road in Glendale on the northeast corner of Bell Road and 59th Avenue. Admission is free. Reservations for pre-auction appraisals are requested. Limit is three items per person per session. For more information, visit or call (623) 878-2003.

Media Contacts:
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The Sopranos Stern Pinball Machine SOLD $6,000

c.1987 Robinson Pro 14 Old School BMX Bicycle SOLD $1,700

Platinum, 1.5ct Brilliant Diamond Pendant Necklace SOLD $5,500

Salvador Dali Signed Limited Edition Lithograph SOLD $1,100

1971 GMC C1500 Pickup Truck SOLD $12,750


18K Gold Dee Morris Navajo Cuff Bracelet SOLD $5,000

Yamaha Disklavier Baby Grand Player Piano SOLD $5,500

C. 1927 Buddy L #208 Steel Passenger Bus Coach SOLD $3,750

Ardeshir Mohassess (1938-2008) Signed Illustration SOLD $1,300